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 CORDYS Practices

Broadline has aligned with Cordys for providing composite solutions to organizations who have implemented enterprise applications and face challenges in minor customizations which further require time and cost. The advantage of using this Business Process Management Suite is that it leverages the functionality of existing applications and complements it
with new business functionality. It is thus possible to quickly enhance and extend functionality of existing applications, thus providing a costeffective alternative to customization or reconfiguration. This application is suitable for organizations that face the following business handicaps.

  • Underlying systems don’t allow the continuous improvement and optimization of processes
Inertia and inefficiency
  • The complexity of IT systems presents substantial obstacles to fast and flexible changes in business processes
Excessive costs
  • Long development cycles and staff-intensive projects cause budgets to soar, hampering improvements to quality and efficiency of service.
Poor visibility, compliance and governance
  • Poor monitoring and measurement facilities offer insufficient steering information, limiting management’s span.
Customer Benefits
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs by standardizing and automating processes.
  • Attain greater agility to take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Achieve better compliance with regulations through improved insight and control..
  • Increase competitive advantage and customer retention by continuous business process innovation.